The European Regional Science Association Sekcja Polska

Third Annual Meeting

Regions of Tomorrow – Hopes and Threats
8-9 December 2017, Lodz, Poland

The aim of the conference was to bring together researchers and practitioners to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience concerning multidimensional aspects of regional development. Thus, the scope of the ERSA 2017 Conference was ‘Hopes & Threats’ that were or would be influencing the social, economic, environmental, and political situation of Regions of Tomorrow. Moreover, the event was an excellent opportunity for networking activities on future projects.
The idea of the conference was to present and discuss ongoing research on both novel theories and latest applications in regional science and to follow and support the regional policy. Therefore, i.a. regionalists, statisticians, econometricians, applied scientists, political scientists, sociologists, geographers, and economists joined us to share knowledge and exchange ideas.
The idea of the workshop was to discuss the key functional offerings accessible to regional researchers thanks to the use of Geographical Information Systems.

Keynote speaker:
Prof. Eveline van Leeuwen,
Urban Economic Group,
Wageningen University and Research

Call for papers – here