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About the journal

Studia Regionalia Journal of the Polish Academy of Sciences Committee for Spatial Economy and Regional Planning European Regional Science Association (ERSA) Polish Section is one of the main Polish scientific journals covering the fields of urban and regional economics, land use planning as well as policy, management and innovations in cities, regions and city-regions. There are at least four English issues per year.

The first volume of the journal dates back to 1986. Since 2016 ERSA Section Poland is the co-editor of the journal. We are glad to be able to launch the cooperation in the 30s. anniversary of the Polish journal on regional science published in English. Following the agreement, at least two of the volumes per year will be provided by our section of ERSA. To mark the starting of our teamwork, we introduce slightly changed layout of the journal. We believe the international flow of knowledge provided by and for the members of the CSREP and ERSA networks will significantly add value to the regional science. We are happy to share the issues free of charge to the members of CSREP and ERSA, and especially to its Eastern and Central European Sections.


We aim to serve as the leading journal in Central and Eastern Europe by covering the theories and concepts, empirical analysis and policy debate in the field of urban and regional studies.


Joint Editorial Board
Tadeusz Markowski (President CSERP), Jacek Szlachta, Paweł Churski, Jacek Zaucha (v-ce Presidents CSERP), Artur Ochojski (President ERSA Polish Section), Justyna Danilewicz (v-ce President ERSA Polish Section), Andrzej Klasik, Dagmara Kociuba, Tomasz Komornicki, Tomasz Kossowski, Piotr Lorens, Tadeusz Marszał, Zbigniew Przygodzki, Ewa Szostak, Janusz Zaleski

Editorial Office
Tadeusz Markowski (Editor in Chief)
• issues published by CSERP PAN:
Paulina Legutko-Kobus (Co-Editor), Dominik Drzazga (Deputy Co-Editor), Ewa Ryźlak (Secretary)
• issues published by European Regional Science Association (ERSA) Polish Section:
Artur Ochojski (Co-Editor), Robert Perdał (Deputy Co-Editor), Marcin Baron (Secretary)

International Scientific Board
John Bradley, Roberto Camagni, Elena Casprini, Manas Chatterji, Davide Chiaroni, Martin Hampl, Martin Gjelsvik, Bill Lever, Peter Nijkamp, Monika Petraite, Andrés Rodriguez-Pose, Viacheslav Shuper, Miroslav Špaček, Eric Stevens, Marko Torkkeli, André Torre, Hans Westlund


Submission requirements and publishing policy

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