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RSPP Call for Paper | Special Issue on Regional development in Central-Eastern Europe

Regional development in Central-Eastern Europe

Regional development of Central-Eastern Europe follows its trajectory, which results from natural, historical, political and social factors. World and European challenges are translated into local actions. Regional policy in Central-European Europe profits from already implemented solutions in other regions, as well as promotes its own policy innovations.

Goal of the special issue on “Regional development in Central-Eastern Europe” is to analyse regional development and policy in wider context. The contributions include, beyond others, policy efficiency, transformation of regions, infrastructure and mobility, living and well-being, aging and silver economy, smart cities, urban and rural development, challenges of environment and natural resources.

Interested scholars are encouraged to submit an article in the platform of Regional Science Policy and Practice until July 31, 2020. The papers will be on-line after accepted by a blind peer review process. The accepted paper will be compiled in a special issue in 2021.

Editors: Katarzyna Kopczewska


RSPP Call for Papers | Special Issue on Night Light Indicators of Regional Economic Activity

Night Light Indicators of Regional Economic Activity

The rising availability of satellite photos and maps of night light as well as of day images of terrain from satellite or from earth bring new opportunities for regional science. Novel techniques of image processing and image data analysis enable getting new indicators of regional and local development. It applies to agriculture, city sprawl, urbanisation, regional inequalities, as well as to light pollution that impacts inhabitants and nature. This novel source of data, quicker and more detailed than official statistics or survey questionnaires can supplement and expand the existing regional research, in terms of diagnosis and policy setting.

The goal of this special issue is to collect research papers on methodology and applications of night light analysis for regional science purposes. The special issue welcomes papers that show how these data can be used for regional studies and regional policy. We invite papers comparing the regional and local diagnosis with the use of image data and public statistics data and how the regional policy can benefit from this new source of information.

Keywords and topics for this Special Issue include, but are not limited to:

  • Light night maps
  • Satellite imagery
  • Google Street View Photos / OpenStreetPhoto
  • Regional diagnosis
  • Measures of development
  • Tracking of dynamics
  • Local and regional policy
  • Image data vs. public statistics data
  • Image processing
  • Image data analysis

Case studies on Central Europe and Baltic countries of EU will be more than welcome.

Papers should be submitted to the regular review process of the journal until 10th May 2020 (

The coordinator of the Special Issue is:

Katarzyna KOPCZEWSKA (